Flat in Av. Bonanova

This project consisted of redecorating the living and dinningroom with new furniture and finishes. Also converting two adjacent bedrooms into a single bedroom. With the collaboration of an external team specialising in renovations, we pulled down the separating wall, installed a single, sliding access door and put down parquet over the whole floor. The built-in wardrobe in the separating wall was relocated to a corner, forming a small dressing area together with a large, full-length mirror and a large chest of drawers. Below, a practical dressing table, the top of which is what used to be the study desk. With new legs for the desk and a few accessories this small space now has a romantic feel.

The chest of drawers in the dressing area serves to separate this from the bedroom area. The textile headboard is crowned by a collection of photo frames in white and silver tones. The bedside tables form part of the original furniture but we changed the drawer handles to match the rest of the elements from IKEA’s Hemnes collection. The stair shelves bring a bit of dynamism to the layout.

100% Ikea furniture, 100% iloftyou interior design.