What do we do?

iloftyou is a new interior design concept suited to your budget


Tell us what you need

The first step will be meeting each other us so we can take note of and understand your specific needs and concerns. Tell us what you want and what you don’t, and we’ll create a no obligation quote for our fees.


Optimising ideas

Once you accept the quote, we will analyse your needs and provide the optimum solutions to cover them, giving your space personality according to your tastes. To do this we’ll get to work selecting furniture, finishes, fabrics, complements, lighting, etc. from our favourite shops: IKEA, Maisons du Monde, Zara Home, Casa Viva, Muji, etc.


We create a propsal

We will provide a proposal for the choice of the elements that will make up the new space, at a low price, along with a preliminary design including these so you can approve it. We will let you know about any changes that need to be made so you are fully satisfied and in order to confirm your final design.



We get to work! Once the design is approved, we will manage the purchasing, transportation and assembly, setting up your space so everything is assembled, installed and in its place in just a few hours.

How can we help you?

Contact us!


What have we done?


About us

Our team is young, creative and multidisciplinary, trained as product and interior designers and with professional experience in the field of interior design and visual merchandising. We take advantage of knowledge bases that are different but at the same time complementary to create and transform habitable spaces.

Based in Barcelona, we provide solutions for people who wish to redesign their spaces and who appreciate creative, economical design. We satisfy all your needs seeking comfort and practicality, basing ourselves on the rationality and the optimisation of resources.


Vera Salvat

Director and Designer

Industrial Designer (ELISAVA), passionate about objects and furniture. After working on the setting up of the first shops of Japanese decoration brand Muji in Spain and collaborating in innovation consultancy, I gained experience of the world of interior design in an architects’ studio in Barcelona. It was then that my professional career took a leap forward when I made one of my hobbies my profession: low-cost decoration.

Marta Monterde

Project Manager and Designer

Victòria Amat

Works Manager

Interior designer (ESDi), I’ve worked in various interior design studios in Barcelona as an interior designer and a graphic designer. As a fan of practicality, I’m passionate about the functionality of Nordic design, their materials and what their spaces transmit. However, I adapt to the style the client chooses and rise to any challenge I’m set. I follow the social networks and blogs on anything to do with design, DIY, recycling and reusing. I’m curious about nature and pretty hands-on.




Iloftyou provided us with an affable treatment, good solutions to what was proposed and achieving a warm, comfortable and modern atmosphere, with a very good quality-price ratio.


We had a small living-dining room; we couldn’t do life because we couldn’t fit. That’s why we decided to enlarge it by tearing down the wall that it shared with a double room, and the final result was amazing. The Iloftyou team helped us to realise our dream by creating a modern, welcoming and very luminous space thanks to the choice of colours, furniture and layout they advised us. In addition, we were able to incorporate in this new space a small office that is fully integrated into the room. The best investment for us has been to choose Iloftyou.


We contacted Iloftyou by means of word-of-mouth and from the beginning they understood what we wanted and what our needs were. After proposing ideas and taking care of everything – and when I say everything I mean everything: the design, the purchase at Ikea, the assembly, etc. – the result could not have been more satisfying. Now we have much more light, much more space, and a modern kitchen without giving up a rustic touch.


The experience and the exposition of the project were very pleasant. The result was also better than we expected.


I contacted Iloftyou to decorate an apartment in Sants (Barcelona) and I could not be more grateful with the treatment received, the professionalism of the work and the spectacular result. I recommend this company to all those who want a quality result. Congratulations.


Very happy with the final result of the project and the treatment received. It looks great! So much so that I recommended you to a friend and he was also very satisfied. We celebrate your work and professionalism.


I am very happy with Iloftyou’s work. Thanks to them I have achieved a diaphanous space at home, a better use of space and increase the value of my flat. They do a great job.


The reform of my flat met our expectations. Iloftyou knew how to understand the concept we were looking for and the proposed design resulted in a living room and a kitchen open to light, which in addition to being beautiful, allows us to enjoy - every day - the functionally of design well done.


Through a recommendation I arrived at the professionals of Iloftyou and from the beginning everything was easy and fluid. They were interested in knowing my likes and preferences, we shared ideas and they worried about ways to adapt the design to what I was looking for. They also adjusted to my budget and incorporated some furniture into the final project, which I didn’t want to get rid of, leaving everything perfectly integrated. I was pleasantly surprised by the change and happy with the final result. And all in a short time… it would have taken me months to get everything ready. There were details that I would never have thought of and that rounded out the final decoration of my house. Vera and Victòria were always available and attending for me to be satisfied with their work.


Our experience with Iloftyou has been very positive and we have recommended it on numerous occasions. Vera, Victòria and Laura stand out of their professionalism and have been able to capture and adapt our style in perfection on the two flats that they have furnished us. Our first experience was a few years ago and, when we changed into another flat, we counted on them again so that they could furnished it, we only reused some of the furniture from the first one. The result, once again, has been totally satisfactory.


We are very satisfied not only with the result of the project but also with the development of itself. You do a very good and focused job. We will certainly count on you if we need to do reforms again.


They’ve finished ahead of schedule, and within budget. Good ideas, good finishes and they have taken care of every detail. My home is now much more practical and welcoming. Thank you for all the love with which you’ve done the job.


My experience with Iloftyou was very positive. They helped orient me professionally and the result was two beautiful new bathrooms. We would like to have had more monitoring during the execution of the work.


We are very happy with the attention we received and, above all, with the great work they did on our flat. The girls were charming and had a lot of patience, taking care of our doubts, and the changes we asked for… Thank you so much Iloftyou team!


We would like to dedicate a few lines to thank Vera and Victòria their excellent work in our 50 m² apartment. Great professionals, serious and with many ideas. The final result was amazing. Congratulations on your work, you have a bright future ahead of you. You guys are cool.


When I saw the final result, I had no words to express my happiness. They kept us intrigued until the last minute and took our taste into account. It was perfect. Iloftyou really is an affordable way to have the house of your dreams, as they fit well to your budget without sacrificing design and practicality. I give you a 10 for the way you work, the precision and the assembly time. Thanks a lot Vera and Victòria!


A flat to reform with many possibilities, several basic needs to cover, limited budget and, above all, little time to devote to decoration were the main reasons for choosing Iloftyou. Retailers, extremely professional, with great adaptability and above all, common sense, are some of the adjectives to describe the Iloftyou team. They know their trade, get involved and offer tailor-made solutions. But best of all: the moment when you are “summoned” to your own home and shown the final result:  it’s the icing on the cake of a well done job. Without hesitation, I recommend them and, of course, I would repeat the experience right now without a second though!


I asked Iloftyou to adapt and decorate a flat for my older mother. She went from having a big flat to having half the space and it was necessary to find a balance between a clear flat. We wanted to ensure that she had a clean flat, with great storage capacity and above all, that it be very attractive - to make the change easy for her. The team at Iloftyou understood our needs from the first time we met and the result was great: in two weeks we had the apartment completely furnished.


I am very satisfied with the work done by the Iloftyou team. They are such great professionals and they have demonstrated excellence throughout the process. Thank you so much!


We are all delighted and very grateful for your work. Everything looks amazing. Efficiency, professionalism, speed and very good taste: all great.


With the Iloftyou team, we found the help we needed to make our dream come true; and in the end the reality surpassed our expectations. The result appeared in the most unexpected way: we explained what we were like, and what we expected from them and they made it happen. Our apartment now breathes concept, rigor, commitment, warmth, trend and well-being. They did it but in such a way that we have made it ours. Thank you and many successes!


Spectacular, Iloftyou has exceeded all my expectations; I congratulate you because you have done a very good job. Based on your initial proposal, what we wanted and seeing the final result… we couldn’t be more satisfied: we have started a new life. It’s amazing how you can change a room from night to day. The change has been 14/10. Above all in the studio, it’s amazing how you’ve been able to capture the idea I had in my mind.  Well, all is better than I had in my head… the colours combination, the quality of the materials, the decoration… there’s nothing I don’t like. Once again, congratulations and thank you so much for the good work, you guys are really good!


From the first moment until the end of the project you have been great professionals, proactive and willing to make it all easy! I’m thrilled with the change you’ve made to my house. You have known me perfectly and you have known how to project my likes in the decoration. You have decorated everything I would have done but without you I would not have achieved it. Thank you! I’m very grateful for your professionalism and patience!!!!


We reformed the whole flat, a penthouse with a lot of light, and we contacted with Iloftyou to help us. From the beginning we saw, through their website, that what they had done with other clients fit with our likes and our ideas. We contacted Vera and Victòria. We saw from the first day how well they work: listening a lot, providing good ideas and working with seriousness and professionalism. Especially when we got “stuck” on some points. We feel that the decoration of our home was “made to measure”: without doubt we would not have achieved this without Vera and Victòria.


It was a great success tasking you to decorate our house. You are a great team with a lot of enthusiasm. From the first moment you got what we wanted even in the smallest details. We are very happy with the result and if we need to repeat the experience, we’ll do it with you again!



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