Flat in Castelldefels

Our clients for this project were a couple with a little son.

They had lived some years in the flat and had the intention of renovating the decoration while adapting it to their new needs. Above all, they wanted to prioritize storage and order.

They got in contact with Carol García (OrganizarmeconEstilo.com), a professional organizer that helped them to play down objects and documents accumulation, and especially, to order the things they wanted to keep.

With this in mind, from iloftyou, we proposed pieces of furniture that allowed a lot of storage and weren’t visually annoying.
In the living room, we also included pieces in warm tones (in order to combine with the existent wooden furniture). In the rest of the rooms, we included white pieces of furniture to avoid overdecorating it.

We achieved the contrast between furniture and walls by painting common areas in a light stone tone and the child’s bedroom in white and blue.

Apart from choosing new decorative items and including antiques from their family, from iloftyou, we eliminated the wall that closed the hallway and the kitchen, opening the space and communicating the living room and the kitchen through a big sliding door.

The result is a bright, wide, cozy, organized and comfortable flat.

As always: 100% iloftyou design and 100% low cost furniture.